“A Prophecy”: A poem about the Italian region of Campania


Do you remember what it is like to be in love?
These hills remind you with brazen shout
and a nuptial call to harken and be glad,
for the wine of life is rich in a morning light
and strong with fortune even at the twilight.
And do you still embrace those memories
of child’s days under a smiling sun
when joy fritted and alighted from your heart
to capture your open feet as they danced upon the grass?
Do kisses in the field and laughter among friends
still sit in your past like old brothers in waiting?
Remember, then, that these reside not only then but later,
and in the cycle of time the happy spring
both begins and ends the seasons’ march.
Therefore, let your hope become the solid certainty of love.


The Foolishness of Me

Joining an advanced-level language class when studying abroad is very different than joining an “advanced”-level language class in the States. In the States, one has the luxury of studying amongst similarly handicapped fellow Americans in all their monolingual and mispronounced glory. In Italy, at an “American” university that is really more an international one, the situation is a little different. Continue reading

Pope Julian’s Arch

As I write this post, I am sitting with my back to a column of the Vatican colonnade, with St. Peter’s square and Basilica before me. I wasn’t supposed to be here right now. I set out promptly at 6:00 for the general area of the Spanish Steps in search of the Anglo-American bookstore. Google Maps said the walk would take 30 minutes. After 50 minutes of veritable speed-walking, I was still only approaching my destination. The store closes at 7, so I turned back and crossed the Ponte Sant’Angelo. Continue reading