A Very Alternative Christmas

Here is a Christmas mix I put together recently.

(Click HERE to go to the Youtube playlist).

1. Carol of the Bells – The Bird and the Bee

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The Smeagol – Part 3

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Part 3 – Riddles in the Light

(OR: How, dammit, we all judge too soon!)

My roommate Gollum just told me his story.

When I came back to my room, he was there. He hadn’t left the room all day, he said. He told me again to be careful. Continue reading

The Smeagol – Part 2

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Part 2 – An Unexpected Help

(OR: What fellowship, night dangers, and suprises all had in common tonight)

When I returned to my room this evening to collect my stuff and ready myself to go out, my trollish roommate was waiting for me.

‘Helloooooo,’ said he.

‘Hello,’ I responded.

‘Have nice night?’

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The Smeagol, Part 1 (with introduction)

Introduction: Of Golems and Gollums

This story began as a blog post that I wrote last night but saved for later editing. As the night went on and the new day came and went, my thoughts changed, such that I felt the need to write a sequel – or rather, addendum – to the previous post. 

Part 1 – Murmers in the Dark

(OR: How our desire for heaven and our ability to bullshit are connected)

When I returned from dinner today, the man in the hostel bed below me emerged  from the darkness for the first time. He was about my height, but hunched over, pale, with red eyes and stringy grey hair. He rubbed his hands together and gave me a creepy smile – it could have been nothing but creepy given he was in a youth hostel and looked to be about 40.

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