The Smeagol – Part 2

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Part 2 – An Unexpected Help

(OR: What fellowship, night dangers, and suprises all had in common tonight)

When I returned to my room this evening to collect my stuff and ready myself to go out, my trollish roommate was waiting for me.

‘Helloooooo,’ said he.

‘Hello,’ I responded.

‘Have nice night?’


He saw that I was closing my locker and about to leave the room.

‘Oh!’ He shouted as if he had just been pinched.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘You going out again?’


‘Be careful.’

‘Yeah, for sure,’ I said, heading toward the door.

‘No,’ he said, stopping me, ‘I mean, really, be careful.’

‘Okay,’ I said. I meant it, but then there is that way I have of never being able to convince people that they have impressed me.

‘No, REALLY, be careful.’ He gave a quick, sad smile, and then retreated into the cavern of his sheets.

I left, understandably puzzled. Prague is known for its nightlife, but it is no Amsterdam. In fact, one of my first thoughts about Prague was that it was all the fun of Amsterdam without the seediness, and all the homelyness of Budapest without the deathly quiet. I could not make heads or tails of what he was worried about.

A day later. 

It then struck me as I was walking in the Jewish getto that maybe the man was worried for me. Maybe it was not that there was anything particular to be worried about in Prague itself, but that my friend Gollum was worried about me. It’s not that big of a big deal that an older person doesn’t trust youngerpeople to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, my Gollum friend became a little less frightening.

I stopped my walk in the Jewish getto in front of the statue of the Golem.

The legend goes that in a time of need when the Jewish people of Prague were being persecuted, the holiest rabbi in the world Rav Judah Loew channeled his sanctity to construct a creature out of clay, as God formed Adam out of clay. Using words from the Scripture, Loew breathed God’s life into the creature. The creature was called a golem and it protected the Jewish ghetto from would-be attackers. This story inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Maybe my friend Gollum is more of a Golem.



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