The Smeagol – Part 3

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Part 3 – Riddles in the Light

(OR: How, dammit, we all judge too soon!)

My roommate Gollum just told me his story.

When I came back to my room, he was there. He hadn’t left the room all day, he said. He told me again to be careful.

I told him I was sick and hadn’t drunk more than a beer last night, so he shouldn’t worry.

He told me he worried when he saw me go into the hostel bar last night. He’s seen some stupid things since he started living in the hostel.

Like, once, someone threw up on him from the top bunk. Ouch.

Why is he living at the hostel? I somehow brought up that question in a polite way – don’t ask me how.

Turns out, he’s from Prague, has been living here for 9 years, and recently moved into this hostel because his girlfriend of several years dumped him right before the holidays.

Now I feel like a real jackass. It’s yet more proof, as if I needed it, that everyone has a story. No, he is not a creeper or a child rapist. He’s a brokenhearted guy who is getting puked on by stupid teenagers and has nowhere to stay before Christmas.

It goes to show that you never know who you’re dealing with.

I’m such a jackass.


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