A POEM: Nocturnal Trinity: Procrastination, Insomnia, Wonder (OR: I should be studying for the Philosophy of Physics, but instead I’m busy studying what’s important)

Attention is lost to one/ yet won to many things,

Not focused on a test/ but tested many ways,

from Shrikes of dark physique/ fighting verse my physics,

to see angels hiding/ past the hide of the universe.

And behind this hidden hide/ hides the Golden spectral Hind,

a Lamb of logical aspect,/ but not what you expected,

for Logos is not syllogism,/ nor silly human legalism

(paired rather with paralogism/ and paradoxical doxology).


I.e. the cosmos wrestles/ with a restless wrathful Abba

who abdicates all severity/ for resting on the seventh

so all the cosmos rests/ while wrestling with the restless

for chaos is cacophony, yes/ but chasm is polyphony,

for the slumber is the dancing/ and the slums the dancehall.


I.e. the juxtaposed realities are there/ as fabric of a superimposed pattern,

and the pattern is of sheeps wool,/ and the whorl of black holes

is but the swimming of extremes/ at the extremities of a pool of existence

a trembling at the exit to ens.


I.e. Subatomics and subgalactics/ all atomize and sublimate

to paradox and Paraclete,/ for fleet is the feet of creation

even under our very nose.

Quantum artworks that form:/ these art not verily known

when we shine uncertain light on them,/ yet mayhaps known if lit by Fire.


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