The Best Human Being EVER! (OR: What Pope Francis has to offer)

He’s done it. He’s done it! He’s DONE IT AGAIN! That unassuming basterd, that humble cosmic force that disguises himself as a turtledove, that ineffable Holy Spirit has DONE IT AGAIN! Once again I far underestimated the Third Person’s ability to kick ass. I thought: Surely, the Holy Spirit has given us enough good Popes this last century to last a millennium  Surely our time is up; surely the good streak can’t go on forever. Surely after such heroes as Pope Leo XIII and Pope John XXIII, the Church needs a bad Pope to keep it humble. 

Surely after the towering legend of Pope John Paul II (if Padre Pio is the Catholic Chuck Norris, then Pope John Paul II is the Catholic Jet Li), surely after such terrible awesomeness, the world deserves a breather

Surely after the humble, meek, sweet, charitable, loving guidance of Pope Benedict XVI, the world deserves a break. 

Nope. The Holy Spirit has done it again!

Welcome to my home town, Papa Francesco! May the Eternal City treat you well. Make sure you check out my favorite spots around town, and try the $15 feast at Ristorante Cornucopia on Via della Lungaretta.

I love this man!

Here’s the short list of what this Pope has to offer:

  • He is the humblest man on Earth. Nbd. 
  • A Jesuit who follows the Franciscan way! This means intelligent social justice and humble theology. It also just might mean the revival of the Jesuit order.
  • The first black Pope! (Since the highest ranking Jesuit is known as the “Black Pope.”) Alright, not quite, but close.
  • A Pope of the New World! An immigrant! Also taught in America! This guy will connect with Americans!
  • Opponents of the Church can no longer accuse it of greed, not as long as the Pope has taken a vow of poverty.
  • He’s charismatic! This Pope will squash the last doubts in concerned conservative Catholics’ minds about the legitimacy of the charisms of the Holy Spirit. As if the last Popes haven’t spoken favorably enough about the charismatic renewal within the Church, Pope Francis is sure to seal the deal and open wide the doors of the Church to the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.
  • He’s eccumenical! And an effective unionist! Despite what hard-line traditionalist sedevacantists think, all these efforts are part of the Orthodox Catholic understanding of the Mystical Body of Christ. Here is a Pope who will reach out with love and understanding to our separated brethren. He won’t pharisaically spit on his Protestant, Evangelical, and Pentecostal children, but will lovingly gather them to Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. He won’t engage in the games of name-calling typical of Catholic-Orthodox dialog, but will welcome our Eastern brothers with all the humility of St. Peter. I’m excited.
  • A Pope who is putting the focus on social justice, but in the Franciscan way! He’s killing two birds with one stone: giving the media exactly the kind of Church they’d like to see, and giving God exactly the kind of charity He likes to see.

By the way, for any of you who have been confused by the idiots in the media, Pope Francis is not a proponent of Liberation Theology. He is part of a movement called Communion and Liberation, which is orthodox and not in any way socialist. I understand the name has the word “liberation” in it, but please, media, do some research. Not only does he not support Liberation Theology, but the fact that the movement never found a foothold in Argentina is largely due to his efforts.

The world should be excited. Something is happening in the Church, and it’s big. The Pope has the privilege of being at the top of the Catholic pyramid, but Pope Francis is also the tip of the Catholic iceberg. There is a monumental, heroic, slowly stirring giant beneath the choppy waters of postmodernism, and its eyes are opening. The bride of Christ is waking from her long sleep to engage the world once again.

Thank God for sending us a prophet. Pope Francis is a man alive.


One thought on “The Best Human Being EVER! (OR: What Pope Francis has to offer)

  1. I was really pessimistic before the election, but seeing the outcome–JPII started a streak of epic popes! It can only get better!

    And hey, the Pope should write an encyclical on the charisms! 😀

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