How Vatican II Saved the World from Modernism (OR: How Traddies Are Modern)

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. Since Vatican II there has appeared among the Catholic faithful a division between “liberal” Catholics on the “left,” “traditionalist” Catholics on the “right,” and just plain Catholic Catholics who think both sides are absurd. I consider myself in the third group. In other words, I am Catholic.

Catholics of three varieties. Left: “liberal.” Middle: “conservative.” Right: Catholic.

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A Realization (Or a Remembrance)

Our world constantly asks us to get “in touch with” ourselves. Even the old philosophers said “know thyself.” Yet, after millennia of supposedly doing just that, the human race still has no idea who/what it is.

The great thing about Christianity is it doesn’t ask the impossible of us. It asks the ironically easier task: “Know God, and let Him know you.” Yes, it is far more possible for the transcendent Divine Being to know us than for us to know even ourselves; and by Christ it is now easier – somehow, mysteriously – for us to know the Unknowable God than to know our selves. And that’s fine. In fact, it is – somehow, mysteriously – the way things should be.

Stargazing, Lost Ships, Screenplays, and God

I haven’t posted in a while. I tend to not get very personal in my posts – at least not explicitly – but allow me to talk about some things that are very relevant to my life and very non-theoretical. (You’ll read this post and think yeah right, this is ALL theoretical. It’s not. It’s personal).

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