A Faltering Rebellion (A Meditation)

You indefatigable monster, you Shadow Brute! Let me alone! Quit your greedy hunger! I am my own person; you can’t have me! Stop chasing me, oh damnable hound of heaven. Stop your infinite movements toward my universe, oh lion-lamb. Stop! Desist! Cease your salvation!

Don’t you get it? I know you thirst, but I thirst too. I have needs, and they must be filled, and they can’t be filled by you. Can I drink of the cup, the new wine of the covenant, the gall of bitter aspect? Only you can bear it, oh Shadow Brute. I am too weak. I have my needs, and they must be filled. Let this cup pass from me and go your way. You are the Son of Heavens; let the will of heaven be done in you, and leave well enough alone in me. Continue reading


Outermost Mansion Preview 1 – “Prelude: Consumed”

This is the prologue of the first book of my ever-in-the-works fantasy series. The book is The Outermost Mansion and the the series is The Trilogy of Trilogies split into three smaller trilogies or “Triads.”

More previews to follow.

© 2013 

You have spent your life in hard labor and devotion to study the depths of this world.

You have tried to sound the abyss with every intricate cord of your thought.

You have each of your tomes printed prudently in the meaningful script of memory.

All measure of your strength has been spent in trying to find the understanding.

You have your countless inventions, your myriad of theories like fruits on a tree, your numberless paintings of what your senses have whispered to you, and all these things are admirable. They are admirable, but they are yet childish. They are childish because they are only a palmful of sand from an endless desert of terror and beauty.

You have not even begun to find the understanding.

–          from The Zaidōkyō

by Teonoro, Anchorite of Kantō

Year 355 VR

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Nine Thoughts and Tips for Fantasy Writing

Since I am a “fantasy” writer, I thought I’d follow up on my Fiction tips with some pointers that are specific to the most fantastic of genres. By fantasy I am referring to any form of fiction that is set in a world different than ours, including parallel universes, high fantasy, sword-and-sorcery fantasy, science fiction, surrealist fiction, and every other similar kind of writing.

Tips for Fantasy Writing:

Here are the 9 tips. Clicking on the links will send you to a more detailed analysis of each one.

  1. Show, don’t tell (especially not with prologues)
  2. Steal, borrow, tribute, and copy, but don’t plagiarize (yes, there is a difference)
  3. Write archetypes, not stereotypes
  4. Don’t invent a world; discover it
  5. Believe in the fantasy – become a child
  6. Get the details right
  7. Don’t read fantasy if you want to write it
  8. Focus on story, not plot
  9. Embrace the pure creation

Thoughts and Tips for Fiction Writing

Lately I’ve been going back to my fiction novel and writing again, which has been like revisiting an old friend and finding that nothing has changed between us. Or rather, something has changed, and that something is me. Like meeting a true friend that you have been separated from for a while, re-encountering writing has been the reestablishment of a solid relationship but with the additional element of my own personal growth. Continue reading

“A Prophecy”: A poem about the Italian region of Campania


Do you remember what it is like to be in love?
These hills remind you with brazen shout
and a nuptial call to harken and be glad,
for the wine of life is rich in a morning light
and strong with fortune even at the twilight.
And do you still embrace those memories
of child’s days under a smiling sun
when joy fritted and alighted from your heart
to capture your open feet as they danced upon the grass?
Do kisses in the field and laughter among friends
still sit in your past like old brothers in waiting?
Remember, then, that these reside not only then but later,
and in the cycle of time the happy spring
both begins and ends the seasons’ march.
Therefore, let your hope become the solid certainty of love.