Nine Thoughts and Tips for Fantasy Writing

Since I am a “fantasy” writer, I thought I’d follow up on my Fiction tips with some pointers that are specific to the most fantastic of genres. By fantasy I am referring to any form of fiction that is set in a world different than ours, including parallel universes, high fantasy, sword-and-sorcery fantasy, science fiction, surrealist fiction, and every other similar kind of writing.

Tips for Fantasy Writing:

Here are the 9 tips. Clicking on the links will send you to a more detailed analysis of each one.

  1. Show, don’t tell (especially not with prologues)
  2. Steal, borrow, tribute, and copy, but don’t plagiarize (yes, there is a difference)
  3. Write archetypes, not stereotypes
  4. Don’t invent a world; discover it
  5. Believe in the fantasy – become a child
  6. Get the details right
  7. Don’t read fantasy if you want to write it
  8. Focus on story, not plot
  9. Embrace the pure creation

Thoughts and Tips for Fiction Writing

Lately I’ve been going back to my fiction novel and writing again, which has been like revisiting an old friend and finding that nothing has changed between us. Or rather, something has changed, and that something is me. Like meeting a true friend that you have been separated from for a while, re-encountering writing has been the reestablishment of a solid relationship but with the additional element of my own personal growth. Continue reading

A Series of (Maybe Not So?) Unfortunate Events

Some people are idiots. For those few who have not heard it told as of yet, Anthony Patti was one of them.

Some things seem to turn out horribly wrong with no sign of redemption. This, however, is a pernicious lie. The truth is that we are all blind fools, and like all blind fools are terribly short-sighted. In other words, there is a silver lining in everything. In other words, everything that has a sad ending actually has a happy ending. In other words, things are rarely as one suspects.

This tale is of this very last week, during which Anthony Patti suffered a series of most unfortunate events. Continue reading