Motivational Posters: Theodore Roosevelt Edition


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Motivational Posters: Theodore Roosevelt Edition

by BRETT & KATE MCKAY on MAY 17, 2009



If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Theodore Roosevelt. No one preached the art of manliness more ardently or lived it more fervently than TR. To start your week off with a swift kick in the pants of manly inspiration, we’ve created some TR-themed motivational posters. Each poster includes a picture of Roosevelt living the strenuous life, along with a motivational quote from the man himself. Bully! (If you receive email updates, you might have to come to the site to see the images.) Continue reading


Pinaud, Derby, Barbasol, and MENLINESS

This morning I had my first shave. That is, I had my first true shave,  with an old-school Derby® safety razor, “CHROMIUM-CERAMIC-PLATINUM-TUNGSTEN and POLYMER COATED EDGES” FOR THE KIND OF MANLY SHAVE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! With religious reverence and dogmatic exactitude I scraped the hard edge of the fresh blade across my scruff and felt the unruly legions of beard give way beneath it’s reaping. Continue reading