The Mission

Since third grade when I read The Lord of the Rings and Redwall, I’ve been writing and rewriting the same fantasy series. It began as a Middle Earth rip-off, but has grown into a real and complex story of its own that bears little relation to Tolkien. I have always been saddened that Tolkien was the last word in good fantasy, and I’ve been laboring these years to make a new fantasy story that isn’t mere fantasy. As fun as sword-and-sorcery swashbuckling magic adventures are, my story is trying to escape that classification and brush up with the literaryI haven’t succeeded yet; much of my story, especially the Prologue, is still a million miles from Dostoyevsky (hence why it is neither finished nor published yet). In the meantime, I’m still lovingly slaving away at the story and praying to God that it turns out as beautiful as I envision it.

The Books

The series is called The Trilogy of Trilogies, a tip of the hat to Hebrew nomenclature for sacred things (Holy of Holies, Lord of Lords, etc). It consists of three independent trilogies or “Triads.” The books will be as follows:

Triad I (foundation trilogy)

1 – The Outermost Mansion

2 – Fires and Swell

3 – Paradoxology

Triad II (prequel trilogy)

4 – Doxalith

5 – Ballad of Sibeal

6 – Mark of Wandering

Triad III (sequel trilogy)

7 – Naked Prophet

8 – Hosts & Powers

9 – Final Eclipse

The Story

The Trilogy of Trilogies: A strange stone falls to the world from the heavens, and is discovered by a simple Silfan girl named Dethia. Her and her descendants will find their lives radically changed by the stone and the myth that grows around it. Spanning six generations, the series follows the journey of those who have encountered this miraculous law-giving monolith from the heavens known across the world as the Doxalith.

Book 1, The Outermost Mansion: It is three hundred years since the Doxalith fell from the heavens, and nearly as long since it was hidden away. A young historian named Menthrid’s life is changed when his father is assassinated by a rising political power from the East.  Menthrid is asked to fill his father’s shoes and protect the secret of the Doxalith. He becomes disillusioned with the religious culture that demands this task of him, and accepts banishment from his homeland. He sets out to find a new homeland and discover himself; yet the thought of the Doxalith never leaves him, and he feels it beckon him from afar, begging him to discover its whereabouts.

Previews, Excerpts, and Other Stuff:

PREVIEW 1: The Outermost Mansion, “Prelude – Consumed”


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