A Faltering Rebellion (A Meditation)

You indefatigable monster, you Shadow Brute! Let me alone! Quit your greedy hunger! I am my own person; you can’t have me! Stop chasing me, oh damnable hound of heaven. Stop your infinite movements toward my universe, oh lion-lamb. Stop! Desist! Cease your salvation!

Don’t you get it? I know you thirst, but I thirst too. I have needs, and they must be filled, and they can’t be filled by you. Can I drink of the cup, the new wine of the covenant, the gall of bitter aspect? Only you can bear it, oh Shadow Brute. I am too weak. I have my needs, and they must be filled. Let this cup pass from me and go your way. You are the Son of Heavens; let the will of heaven be done in you, and leave well enough alone in me. Continue reading


A POEM: Nocturnal Trinity: Procrastination, Insomnia, Wonder (OR: I should be studying for the Philosophy of Physics, but instead I’m busy studying what’s important)

Attention is lost to one/ yet won to many things,

Not focused on a test/ but tested many ways,

from Shrikes of dark physique/ fighting verse my physics,

to see angels hiding/ past the hide of the universe. Continue reading