Outermost Mansion Preview 1 – “Prelude: Consumed”

This is the prologue of the first book of my ever-in-the-works fantasy series. The book is The Outermost Mansion and the the series is The Trilogy of Trilogies split into three smaller trilogies or “Triads.”

More previews to follow.

© 2013 

You have spent your life in hard labor and devotion to study the depths of this world.

You have tried to sound the abyss with every intricate cord of your thought.

You have each of your tomes printed prudently in the meaningful script of memory.

All measure of your strength has been spent in trying to find the understanding.

You have your countless inventions, your myriad of theories like fruits on a tree, your numberless paintings of what your senses have whispered to you, and all these things are admirable. They are admirable, but they are yet childish. They are childish because they are only a palmful of sand from an endless desert of terror and beauty.

You have not even begun to find the understanding.

–          from The Zaidōkyō

by Teonoro, Anchorite of Kantō

Year 355 VR

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